Learning Oral English Online is finally available on the Web. It is an online conversation book compiled for intermediate ESL learners who want to improve their listening and speaking skills.

Each sentence in the book is linked to a sound file which is in AU format. SoundMachine is the software recommended for Mac users to play AU files. For PC Windows users, Naplayer, which comes with Netscape, can play AU files.

ESL teachers are encouraged to use this online book as supplementary material for their classes. I will continue working on the book, and will be grateful if you send me your suggestions and comments.

The book was created as a network project. Thanks are due to those people who have participated in the project. They are: Brad Boeckmann (Davenport Public Library and Scott Community College), Leslie K. Hammersmith, (University of Illinois at U-C), Lynne Ronesi (University of Rhode Island), Seamus Lankford (The South of Ireland Language Centre), Dennis Oliver (Arizona State University), Anita Pandey (University of Illinois at U-C), Karen Wilson (University of Illinois at U-C). Thanks go also to F. Scott Walters (University of Illinois at U-C) and Robert Good (University of Illinois at U-C), who helped me with recording at the final stage.

Rong-Chang Li
Jan. 24, 1996
Urbana, IL U. S. A.

Most of the sound files have been converted to real audio format. You need to download a RealAudio player to play the sound files. New lessons will be added. If you are an ESL teacher and willing to contribute to the project by writing some conversations, please contact me.

Rong-Chang Li
May 22, 1999
Los Angeles, CA USA

The audo files of all the conversations have been re-recorded. If you find any problems on this website, please send email to:

Ron Chang Lee
February 4, 2009
Los Angeles, CA USA