Going to a Party

When planning to go to a party, we need to consider two things. 1) Who will we be talking to, and 2) What are some likely topics. In this lesson you will see three sample conversations. Conversation A , Dan is calling Kay to confirm the party's information and accept the invitation. In Conversation B, Dan arrives at the party, greets Kay, the hostess, and offers her some wine he brought. Finally in Conversation C, Dan meets the other guests, then makes "small talk" and future plans with them. Requests are also made and received. Remember, any conversation needs to incorporate clarification strategies to be sure of the information. Many miscommunications have not only resulted in embarrassment, but even disaster. Various clarification strategies are used throughout the three conversations. Please read the notes, which will help you understand the text.

Conversation A

Listen to Conversation A

(Dan calls Kay)

Dan Hello Kay. It's Dan. I just received the invitation to your party.

Kay Can you make it?

Dan Well, let's see. It's next Saturday night, 7:00 pm, at 201 Liberty Lane, Champaign. Right?

Kay That's right. I hope you can come?

Dan It would be my pleasure. Can I bring anything?

Kay Just yourself.

Dan Ok, I'll be there with bells on. I'm looking forward to it. Thanks.

Kay Bye.

Dan See you then.

Conversation B

Listen to Conversation B

(Dan and Kay upon his arrival.)

Dan: Hello.

Kay: Hi, come in. Glad to see you.

Dan: (inside) Thanks for inviting me. I brought some wine.

Kay: Oh, how nice. Let me take it to the kitchen. Go on into the living room. I think you know most everyone.

Conversation C

(Dan and the other guests.)

Listen to Conversation C

Bill: Hi! How are you?

Dan: Fine. How about you?

Bill: Super! Let me introduce you to my niece, Claire.

Claire, this is Dan--he works with me at the office.

Claire: Hello, Dan.

Bill: Dan, this is my brother John's daughter, Claire.

Dan: Pleased to meet you. I didn't know John had a daughter? Where's he been hiding you?

Bill: She's been living out East with his wife's sister. She just moved back.

Dan: What part of the East, Claire?

Claire: Boston, near the harbor.

Dan: It must be quite a change--coming back here?

Claire: It is, but I'm glad to be back and see all my freinds.

Bill: Hey, Dan. Do you still play golf?

Dan: Not as much as I would like.

Bill: Claire plays. Maybe we could all play sometime soon?

Dan: That sounds great. How about tomorrow morning?

B.&C.: Sure, say 7:00, out at Harrison Park?

Dan: Great, 7 A.M. at Harrison. I'll look forward to it.

Kay: (rejoining the group) I see you've met Elizabeth.

Dan: Elizabeth? I thought your name was Claire?

Claire: It is. My aunt just calls me by Elizabeth.

Dan: Well, I've not only met Elizabeth, but the three of us are off to the greens in the morning.

Kay: She'll probably whip the both of you! Ha Ha.

Bill: Dan, could you pass me that newspaper? Let's see what the weather's supposed to be.

Dan: Sure, here you go.

Bill: Thanks.

Claire: How often do you play, Dan?

Dan: Well, this year I've only played twice. How about you?

Claire: I was playing weekly in Boston-- with my aunt, but since I came home I haven't played once.

Bill: The report is a humdinger. I guess the leftovers from hurricane Opal are gone.

Dan: So are you saying it is supposed to be nice tomorrow?

Bill: I sure am. It says it will be sunny and dry--perfect weather.

Kay: Enough about golf. How's your dancing? Hey, Pete. Would you turn up the stereo? We've got a party going on!


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