Computer-Assisted Language Learning

Computer-Assisted Language Learning

Theories & Practice



  • Web Teacher. A JavaScript Tutorial for the TOTAL non-programmar.
  • Hot Potatoes. An excellent free Web authoring tool for language teachers.

Research Tools

  • Web Frequency Indexer. Cut and paste an article, you will get a list of words used in the article with frequency numbers.
  • Web Concordancer. You can search an online corpus for a word and display all the sentences in which the word occurs.

  • British National Corpus. This website allows you to quickly and easily search the 100 million word British National Corpus (1970s-1993).
  • lexical Tutor. A complete website for learning and learning about English words.


  • CALICO. The Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium, a professional organization involved in both education and technology.
  • APACALL. Asia-Pacific Association for Computer-Assisted Language learning.

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