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1. People eat hot chicken ___ with a spoon.
3. Please ___ your mouth when you cough or sneeze.
6. I don't have a cold; I have the ___.
8. Buy some cough ___ from the drugstore.
9. Your nose is running. ___ it with a tissue.
10. Chicken soup and ___ juice are good for you.


1. He covered his mouth and ___d. His friend said, "Bless you."
2. A sofa is ___ to sit on. A bed is ___ to sleep in.
3. He bought ___ drops from the drugstore for his ___.
4. Apple ___, orange ___, and tomato ___ are good to drink when you have the flu.
5. These oranges are ___. I just picked them off the tree.
7. Wipe your nose with a ___. Don't use your sleeve.