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3. The spare tire is in the ___ of the car.
4. He got a good ___ on his car. It was on sale.
7. His car was on ___. He saved a lot of money.
9. A car has four rubber ___s. All ___s are round.
10. A car has a ___ tire in the trunk. The ___ tire is an extra tire.
11. Always buckle your seat ___ when you drive.


1. The engine is under the ___. The engine is not in the trunk.
2. Use the seat belt ___ to ___ your seat belt.
5. A strong ___ under the hood makes a car go fast.
6. A smart ___r always ___s with his seat belt buckled.
7. Most cars have two ___s--a front ___ and a back ___.
8. Did he buy his car ___ week? I will buy a car next week.