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1. Is her favorite doll a ___ or a paper doll?
6. Her rag doll has bright red ___. Is a pink ribbon in her doll's ___?
7. A ___ is like a shirt. Women wear ___s; men do not.
8. Men wear suits. Women wear ___es or suits. Parents ___ their children.
10. Her purse is ___. There is nothing in her purse.
11. Women wear dresses and carry ___s. They put their money in their ___s.


1. There is a pink ___ in her hair. A yellow ___ is around the tree.
2. Do you look at your face in the bathroom ___?
3. ___ Day is December 25. People love to give and get ___ gifts.
4. Little girls like to play with their rag ___s.
5. People ___ shoes and clothes when they are outside.
9. Your mouth has two ___s. Women put red ___stick on their ___s.