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 9    10         


3. That game is fun. Let's play it ___.
4. I like to play games. Games are lots of ___.
6. Kids like to play ___s. Card ___s are fun.
7. ___ on this door to close it. Don't pull on it.
9. I like to play games ___ they are fun.


1. She pulled her girlfriend's ___.
2. The two friends went everywhere ___. They played games ___.
3. I don't like you. I won't play with you ___.
4. Did the girls ___ with each other? Did they pull each other's hair?
5. She was visiting her friend at her friend's ___.
8. ___ on this door to open it. Don't push on it.
10. A. Why are you ___ing? B. Because she pulled my hair.