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4. Lights ___ at night. The sun ___s during the day.
5. A tiger is a ___. A dog is not a ___.
7. It is ___ at night. Turn on the porch light.
8. Cows and horses eat ___. ___ is green.
10. Don't pet a wild cat. It might ___ you with its teeth.
11. That's a ___ cat. It isn't an ugly cat.


1. The ___ light shined on the cat. Some houses have a front ___. Some have a back ___.
2. Maybe it's a ___ cat. Don't touch it or pet it. It might bite.
3. That cat does not live here. It does not ___ on our porch.
4. The cat was lying on its ___. It wasn't lying on its back.
6. I have a big ___. I have five brothers and five sisters.
9. The cat did not ___. Was it dead? Was it sleeping?