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2. ___ the door closed. Do not open it.
3. A good boy ___s to his parents. He does what they say.
7. Keep the door closed and you will be ___. Nobody will hurt you.
8. The ___ door is closed. The back door isn't closed.
9. When I see you, I will say hello. When I leave you, I will say ___.
11. Yesterday, today, and ___.


1. The ___ brings the mail. That is his job.
2. Do you hear someone ___ing on the door? Who is it?
4. Today I am a day older than I was ___.
5. A mailman is a good ___. A criminal is a bad ___.
6. ___ the door and keep it ___d. Do not open it for any person.
10. Did the mailman knock on the front ___?