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1. I keep my clothes and shoes in the bedroom ___.
4. A doorknob is usually ___, not square.
6. For your ___, look both ways before crossing the street.
7. The door is ___ed. You can't open it without a key.
10. When you stand in line, someone is in front of you and someone is ___ you.
11. A ___ is a long gun. Hunters use ___s to hunt animals.


2. Did she ___ to open the closet door? Did it open?
3. To open a door, you must ___ the doorknob.
5. A ___ is a silver, round handle on a door.
6. Many doorknobs are colored gold or ___.
8. Did he ___ his rifle in the closet?
9. A doorknob is the ___ on a door. Grab the ___ with your hand.