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2. ___s fly well, but they have a funny walk.
4. The bird flew out of the tree and landed on the green ___ in the park.
5. Birds ___ in the sky. They ___ very fast.
6. A bird has a funny ___. Did you ever see a bird run?
8. Birds ___ in the sky, not on the ground. Does this book ___ to you?
10. Does a bird look for ___ on the ground?


1. Birds have two legs and two ___s. They fly with their ___s.
2. Is a ___ completely black? Is a bluebird completely blue?
3. The ___ is blue during the day, but black at night.
5. Do birds look ___ when they walk? Do they make you laugh?
7. Birds have wings instead of ___s. People have ___s, but no wings.
9. Birds ___ for food on the ground.