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2. He didn't want his pistol anymore. He ___ it to his brother for free.
3. He ___ed at the bird, but he didn't shoot it.
4. Did he ___ the trigger?
5. The gun had a ___ trigger, the same color as a dime.
8. The bird was sitting on a ___ between two telephone poles.
9. Does a ___-happy person like to pull the ___?
10. People like to shoot ___s out of the sky with their guns.


1. It's easy to hurt or ___ an animal with a gun.
2. He walked ___ to look at the birds and sky.
4. The pistol is small enough to put in your pants ___.
6. The pistol wasn't ___ed. No bullets were in it.
7. He put his ___ on the trigger and pulled.