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2. Does every kid have two ___s--one mom and one dad?
6. Did he ___ the contest, or lose?
7. The Beatles are ___--almost everyone in the world knows their music.
10. That sandwich was delicious, but I'm still hungry. Can I have ___ sandwich?
11. Are The Beatles the most famous singers in the ___ world?


1. Please ___ me a glass of milk from the kitchen.
3. A piano ___er ___es students how to play the piano.
4. I ___ed my parents last weekend. They were happy to see me.
5. Did you win a prize in the ___ that you entered?
6. The ___ starts Friday night and ends Sunday night.
8. A ___ has 52 white keys and 36 black keys. Can you play the ___?
9. Who is the best piano player in the whole ___?