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2. He bought two ___s of salted peanuts for his son.
4. A baseball ___ has thousands of seats for fans to sit in.
5. Which team won the baseball ___?
6. Did he ___ a bag of peanuts and a hot dog for his son?
9. Did my favorite team win or ___ the game last night?
10. The people in the stadium dived for the ___ ball. Everyone wanted it.
11. Someone ___ed my soda over. Now I'll have to buy another soda.


1. I'm so ___ I could eat 10 hot dogs!
2. ___, football, and basketball are popular team sports.
3. Does a ___ner always ___? Does a loser always lose?
7. Did he buy a bag of salted or unsalted ___s?
8. Is Coca-Cola the most popular ___ in the world?