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3. She took her wallet out of her ___.
4. Kids like to go to the park. They have ___ at the park.
7. She ___d the squirrel, but she couldn't catch it.
8. If you ___ a squirrel, it might bite you.
9. ___s live in trees. They eat nuts. They have bushy tails.
10. Do you have friendly ___s in your ___hood?


1. The nut fell out of the tree and onto the ___.
2. People sit on park ___es. They feed the pigeons and squirrels.
3. She turned the ___ in her magazine.
4. Squirrels can't ___, but birds can.
5. ___s are weekly or monthly. Newspapers are daily.
6. My ___ plays with dolls. My son plays with toy guns.