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1. Do you like to get up ___ or get up late?
3. People go to a ___ on weekends to fish and have fun.
5. The long line ___d slowly. Why didn't it ___ faster?
6. The early bird gets the ___. The late bird gets no food.
7. The ___ is the boss of the park. He wears a uniform. Visitors listen to him.
8. The parking lot is full. There is no ___ to park.
10. 11:59 a.m. is before ___. 12:01 p.m. is after ___.


1. I like ice cream, ___ chocolate ice cream.
2. ___ I get up early, and ___ I get up late.
4. An early ___ gets up early. A night owl stays up late.
6. People like to relax, visit friends, and go shopping every ___.
9. There aren't a ___ of spaces in the parking ___. It's almost full.