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1. Did you suck your ___ when you were little?
3. There are 60 ___s in a minute. ___ grade is after first grade.
5. Tears were in her eyes because she was ___ing.
8. Kids start school in the first ___ and finish in the twelfth ___.
9. She wasn't ___ing; she was crying.
10. Babies like to ___ their thumbs.
11. She was walking with a ___ of her brother's friends.


1. She started crying, and ___ she ran away.
2. ___ is a state. It is near Cuba. Miami is a city in ___.
4. My ___ lives in the apartment next to me. He is a friendly ___.
6. If your child is missing, call the ___.
7. The ___ floor is the ground floor. January is the ___ month of the year.