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15      16           


1. After school kids like to ___ one another in their homes.
4. She asked her dad if it was ___ to have a pet.
7. Kids like to play with and visit their ___s after school.
9. I have a ___ pet; I got it yesterday. It's a turtle. My other pets aren't ___; I've had them for a long time.
10. A young ___ is called a puppy.
12. People go to pet stores to ___ pets, pet food, and pet items.
15. A turtle or a fish isn't noisy; it is very ___.
17. A baby ___ is called a kitten.
18. ___ are popular pets. They are small and yellow. They swim around in ___ bowls.


2. Pet ___s are popular places to buy pets.
3. Dogs love to ___ at strangers. They ___ at mailmen. They ___ at other dogs. They ___ at cats.
5. Cats usually ___ when they're hungry or angry. Sometimes they ___ very loudly.
6. Birds ___ beautiful songs.
8. Lisa's ___ went to the pet store to buy her a quiet pet. Lisa's mommy didn't go with him.
11. All her friends had two or three pets. She asked her dad if she could have ___ one pet.
12. Many people have parakeets and other ___s as pets. They keep them in ___ cages.
13. Her daddy didn't like dogs because they bark too ___. He didn't pay very ___ money for the goldfish.
14. People go to ___ stores to buy ___s, ___ food, and ___ items. People can get free ___s from the humane society.
16. All her friends had pets. She wanted to have a pet, ___. Her daddy said dogs bark ___ much and cats meow ___ much.