Click on each number in the grid to complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter.

 1   2      3         
        6   7      
    8     9      10    
13    14      15         
  16         17      


1. Teachers usually teach ___ things, but sometimes they teach un___ things. A good education is ___ to your future success.
4. ___s in different schools teach students the same things.
5. The ___ gives heat and light to the Earth every day.
6. ___ teacher taught me the same thing that your teacher is teaching you.
8. Do you want ___ notebook, or do you want that one?
12. A. Which is ___ from the Earth--the sun or the moon? B. The moon is closer, so the sun is ___.
13. Students go to school to ___ important things.
15. A. Did you remember to take your notebook to school, or did you ___? B. I forgot.
16. The teacher ___ me a difficult question. I couldn't answer it.
17. That's a very ___ question. I wish I could give you a ___ answer.
18. ___ does the teacher make us learn unimportant things?


2. We see the sun in the daytime, and the ___ in the nighttime.
3. The sun is much farther away ___ the moon.
4. ___ is a very good question. ___'s why school is so important.
7. ___ teacher thinks that's important information. My teacher taught me the same thing.
9. He went to ___ and learned many important things from his teachers.
10. That's a very good ___. I'll try to answer it for you.
11. I'll ___ your teacher. What's her phone number?
12. A. How ___ away is the sun? B. It's about 93 million miles away.
14. A. How far ___ is the moon? B. The moon is about 240,000 miles ___.