Click on each number in the grid to complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter.

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9    10   11            
12      13           


1. Do you have three sisters and four ___s?
2. Her ___ brother took care of her. He was always a ___ help.
3. I don't want to share a bed with my brother. I want to sleep in my ___ bed.
6. It's a one-bedroom apartment, but eight ___ live in it.
8. He was ___y. She was ___ing in bed. They were sound a___. Do you dream while you ___?
10. My air ___ has a hole in it. I can't sleep on it.
12. A studio apartment is smaller than a one-___ apartment.
14. A ___-bedroom apartment has only ___ bathroom.
15. A one-bedroom apartment is too small for a ___ with two or more kids.
16. He leaned ___ the wall while he waited to use the bathroom.


1. The ___ were crying because they were hungry and their diapers were dirty.
4. Apartment doors and ___s separate the rooms.
5. They put the air mattress on the ___ and went to sleep.
7. Do they live in a one-bedroom ___ or a two-bedroom ___?
8. My brothers and ___s are part of my family.
9. A man needs to have a good ___ if he's going to raise a family. A good ___ helps pay the bills.
11. An ___ mattress is cheap and comfortable for sleeping.
13. A one-bedroom apartment has ___ one bathroom and ___ one bedroom.