Click on a number in the grid, and you'll see a sentence. Type in the word, and click on "Enter". If you don't know the word, click on "Hint".
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1. He is a mean person. He ___s my feelings.
4. A ___ person is rude. Nobody likes a ___ person.
5. His ___s are red. He puts ___drops in his ___s.
7. Students love the best teacher. They hate the ___ teacher.
9. My ___ gives me homework every day.
11. He yells ___. Everyone covers their ears.
14. Nice people have good ___. They say Please and Thank You.


1. He ___s his mean teacher. He loves his nice teachers.
2. The students sit in the ___room. They wait for the teacher.
3. The teacher answers all the students' ___s.
6. He hurts my ___s when he yells at me.
8. He ___s his eyes when he hears a dumb question.
10. She ___s a question.
12. He ___s loudly at the bad driver.
13. He has ___ manners. He never says Please or Thank you.