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       11    12    13    


3. I ___ my parents every weekend. They like to see me every weekend.
6. A doctor ___s a patient to see what is wrong with the patient.
7. Most people believe in ___. They pray to ___. ___ answers their prayers.
9. --Why are you so ___? --Because I won $100 from the lottery! Free money makes me ___.
12. --How much did that watch ___? --It didn't ___ me anything. It was a gift.
14. You can't buy anything if you don't have any ___.
15. I will say a ___ for you, so that you have a safe trip.
17. "I have been married to my ___ for 20 years," said Sara.
18. I ___ lend you some money if I could, but I don't have any money.


1. --I have to go now. I'll see you ___. --OK. See you ___.
2. "I got married again. My new ___ is younger than my ex-___," said Bob.
4. An x-ray ___ can "see" if you have a broken bone. These ___s are expensive.
5. Did you ___ your change? Make sure he gave you the correct change.
8. There are many more patients than there are ___s.
10. How much did you ___ for your car? Did you ___ a lot?
11. They say that a newborn ___ will change your life. A ___ cries a lot.
13. To your family, you are a ___ person. To strangers, you are not ___.
14. Most ___s have 30 or 31 days. February is different.
15. I am going to climb a mountain next month. Will you ___ for me so that I don't fall off the mountain?
16. Did you ___ me a question? ___ me again, and I will try to answer it.