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    1       2        
5        6    7         
9          10         
        11    12     13    
15       16            
17            18       


2. December 31 is the ___ day of the year.
3. Be ___ to everyone you meet, and you will probably have a ___ life.
5. He tore a ___ out of his ___book and wrote a ___ for $88.90.
6. If you look at the ___, you will see that the 21st is on a Tuesday.
9. Please don't make any ___; what you have done is unforgivable.
10. The good ___ is that you can relax for about a month; the bad ___ is that your leg is broken.
11. Please don't be ___ for the meeting; all the top managers will be there.
15. This guy is ___ news; he's been in and out of jail about 15 times.
16. It will be a nice ___ once they get rid of the roaches.
17. ___ is the first day of the week on the calendar.
18. You have to pay one month's ___ in advance, plus the first month's ___, plus your security deposit.
19. I hate to say ___; I've had such a wonderful time visiting you.


1. You shouldn't ___ people when they're down. (Don't punch them either.)
2. ___ is so unpredictable; you never know what will happen next.
4. That store doesn't ___ credit cards or checks; you'd better have cash.
7. The ___ did a credit check on the woman who wanted to move into his apartment building.
8. Valentine's Day occurs in the month of ___.
12. Don't worry about yesterday or ___; try to enjoy today as much as you can.
13. The referee kicked the player ___ of the game after he pushed the referee.
14. New Year's Day is on ___ 1.