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2. The Pacific ___ is the largest ___ in the world.
5. Sharks regrow any ___ that fall out; you'll never see a toothless shark.
7. Your teeth will change from white to ___ the older you get. (Even if you use whitener.)
8. In Hawaii you frequently see a beautiful ___ after a rainstorm.
9. How many ___ do you see in a rainbow?
11. A plus ___ looks like this: +.
14. Would you like a ___ of chicken noodle soup?
15. Men prefer to have the ___ seat up; women always want the seat down.
16. The cute black and white ___ bear is loved in China and all over the world.
17. Don't suck on ___s or limes; they will remove the enamel from your teeth.


1. Football and ___ are the two most popular sports in the USA.
3. A ___ is a big black bird that is found in many neighborhoods in America.
4. Is the weather going to change soon? Just take a look at the ___.
5. ___ players hit the ___ ball back and forth over the net on the ___ court.
6. If you bleed from a cut you will see your own red ___.
9. Many people ___ get a job when the economy is in a bad condition.
10. I feel very ___ because I lost my job yesterday.
12. When you think of Tiger Woods, you think of ___.
13. I think the ___ in my car needs repair; there's a lot of blue smoke coming out of my tailpipe.
14. Please close the ___ because there is too much sunlight coming into this room.