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15              16      
18   19         20          


2. Daddy turned around and ___d goodbye to his family as he walked out to the airplane.
3. The flight ___ told the passengers to fasten their seat belts.
4. The ___ attendant asked the passenger if he wanted free peanuts.
6. The ___-___ sits in the cockpit next to the pilot.
9. ___ drivers kill people on the highways; now we have to worry about ___ pilots killing people in the air.
10. It's usually okay to be ___, but not to be late.
12. The passenger ___ crashed into the Atlantic, killing more than 200 passengers and crew.
14. ___ and cigarettes kill people every day, but others continue to drink and smoke.
15. Get on ___ the plane and take your seat.
16. Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley were famous ___ers. People loved to listen to their songs.
18. Do you want to hear a funny ___?
20. Have you been drinking? I can smell alcohol on your ___.
21. Hold on--I'll be with you ___. This will just take a minute.


1. ___, and the world ___s with you; cry, and you cry alone.
2. Are you wearing a ___? Can you tell me the time?
3. The flight attendant ___d that the plane would not depart on time.
5. Don't be ___, or the airplane will depart without you.
7. The ___ sat down in the window seat and went straight to sleep.
8. Why are your eyes so red and ___? Have you been drinking?
11. The drunk driver spent the night in the city ___.
13. My plane will ___ at 7 p.m. Can you pick me up then?
17. Your breath ___s like beer and cigarettes. Ugh!
19. You can't smell your ___ breath, but I can. You need some mouthwash.