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1. The chocolate cake was ___ white. It was white all over.
4. Now make a ___ and blow out all the candles.
6. It was Jenny's ___ birthday. Next year will be her fifth birthday.
7. Another word for ___ is icing. Birthday cakes usually have vanilla or chocolate ___ on them.
9. A birthday cake has two layers--a ___ layer and a bottom layer.
10. Jenny's mom and ___ sang Happy Birthday to her.
14. What flavor frosting do you want--vanilla or ___?
15. ___ frosting is white. Chocolate frosting is dark brown.
16. Jenny's parents ___ down at the table next to her.
17. Jenny's dress was ___, and the candles on her cake were also ___.
18. After you make a wish, ___ out all the candles and your wish will come true.


1. A birthday party usually includes ___, ice cream, and gifts.
2. Jenny's ___ made a delicious birthday cake for Jenny.
3. The top ___ of a cake is the same size as the bottom ___.
4. Vanilla frosting is ___. Chocolate frosting is dark brown.
5. Every year I celebrate another ___ on the day I was born.
8. A. How ___ are you? B. I'm 8 years ___. How ___ are you?
11. If you blow out ___ the candles on your birthday cake, your wish will come true.
12. She put frosting on the ___ layer of the cake. Then she put frosting on the top layer of the cake.
13. Her parents sang ___ Birthday to her because today she was 4 years old.
14. There were 4 pink ___s on the cake because she was 4 years old.