Dictionary 172. A Nosy Coworker

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"Good morning, Amanda! You look so nice today. Is that a new dress? Are those new shoes?" asked Fay. "Good morning. You look nice, too. No, it isn't a new dress. Yes, these are new shoes," Amanda said. "I bought them at Macy's. They were on sale." Fay asked how much Amanda had paid. "I paid $100 for these shoes," said Amanda. Fay asked what the regular price was. "The regular price is $200," said Amanda. Fay said that was a good deal. "Yes, it was a good deal," Amanda said. Amanda sat down at her desk. She did not like Fay. Fay was nosy. She asked too many questions. Fay was phony. If she said she liked something, she probably didn't. If she said she didn't like something, she probably did. Amanda always lied to Fay. Amanda had paid $25 for her shoes. She bought them at JC Penney.

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