• Scientists listen in on whales

    This is a short reading material with new words highlighted. Click those words, and you can hear the sounds. There is also a list of those new words below the text.

  • Will the Leaning Tower Topple Over?

    This is a story for listening practice. After you have listened to the whole story, you can choose to look at the text, in which new words are highlighted. Click those words to learn their meanings.

  • This Judge Really "Sentences" Criminals

    This is a story about how a judge sentences criminals in an interesting way. You can read the whold story and then listen to the story sentence by sentence by clicking on each sentence. Try to imitate the pronunciatioon and intonation of the native speaker.

  • Everyday English

    This is a place where you can learn commonly used English sentences. Click each sentence, and listen to it. Repeat after the speaker again and again until you have learned it.