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This Judge Really "Sentences" Criminals

You had better think twice about committing a crime in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In fact, you had better think 5,000 times -- because that is how many times you might have to write about it! Judge Mike Erwin sentences many people to write about something they have done wrong. He believes a writing punishment can teach someone a real lesson.

"One woman walked into a pet shop to steal a parrot. She put the bird in her purse and tried to walk out with it. "I told her to write 'I will think before I do anything like that again' five thousand times," Erwin said.

Many of the people Judge Erwin punishes have disobeyed police officers. He may ask them to write, "I will never be rude to the police again. Since he began his "sentencing," Erwin has not seen any people repeat their crimes. "It's a way to make people really think about what they did," Judge Erwin said.