16. The New Realtor

Gap-fill exercise

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Norma was discouraged. She was a new realtor. had recently passed the state test on her try. Then she joined a realty company. They training classes two to four times a week. attended the classes faithfully.

But because English was second language, she didn’t catch everything that the said. When she asked the instructor to repeat , he told her to see him after class. when other students asked a question, the instructor the question right then and there.

To Norma, instructor always said, "See me after class." Then, she tried to see him after class, he say that he was late for an appointment. " about next time?" he would say. He was too busy to help her.

"He’s not too , he’s just too lazy," her boyfriend said. “There too many ‘instructors' like that. All they care is presenting their information. If the students don’t it, that’s their problem. You have to be . These people are not going to help you. want you to fail, because that means less for them. It’s a dog-eat-dog business."