26. A Clean Toilet Bowl

Gap-fill exercise

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Mildred’s sister called. She was going to drop . And whenever she visited, she usually made at one trip to the bathroom. That meant one —Mildred needed to clean her toilet bowl.

This was household chore that she hated the most. It so icky! She grabbed the cleanser from beneath bathroom sink. She sprinkled lots of it into toilet bowl. Then she got out of her , put on a big T-shirt, and pulled on long-sleeved rubber gloves. Finally, she put on her , because she didn’t want any toilet water to into her eyes. She didn’t know if toilet could cause an eye infection, but she wasn’t to take any chances.

She grabbed the long-handled bowl brush that was beneath the sink. She scrubbing. She scrubbed under the rim, all around bowl, and deep into the throat of the . Five minutes later, she figured she was finished.

flushed the toilet and checked the bowl. It clean as a whistle. Mildred breathed a sigh relief, because usually she had to scrub the twice to remove all the stains.

She removed goggles, gloves, and T-shirt. Then she hopped into shower.