35. Four Slit Throats

Gap-fill exercise

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An Italian couple murdered four people in the next door. They slit the throats of their , Maria Como, and her mom. Then they slit throats of Mrs. Como's 2-year-old little boy, Perry, a woman who just happened to be visiting. , they set the house on fire! This all two weeks before Christmas.

The couple had complained to the Comos about the noise they caused, no one else in the neighborhood seemed to that the Comos were noisy.

"Maria was a and quiet person," said one of her neighbors. " and her husband used to push little Perry the neighborhood in his stroller. They were friendly everyone. I can't believe this happened."

Police in northern Italian town could not believe it either. spokesman said that never in the history of had a married couple worked as a team slice four neighbors' throats and then try to their house down!

"I think if they claim insanity, everyone will believe it!" said the spokesman.

firemen found the four bodies, the couple calmly to the police.