38. Towns Hit by Snowstorms

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Redfield, New York, received twelve feet of snow week. Its neighbors in Oswego are jealous because got only ten feet of snow. An Oswego told a TV reporter that one more storm coming in that would determine the winner. "I we get five more feet," he said. "That'll Redfield." This is the most snow the region received in six years.

"The people who worry global warming should come visit us. They'll worry ," said a Redfield resident. He said any visitors have to wait till some snow melted, because local roads were closed. Even the snowplows were until after the next storm before they began clear all the roads.

Schools were closed all . Most kids were happy about it. They couldn't ice skating or skiing because the roads were . But they did play in the snow, make , and have snowball fights.

"It wasn't a good for me," complained one high school student. "I to help my dad shovel all the snow the roof." When he finished doing that, his asked him to shovel the snow off the and the sidewalk. "I can't wait for school reopen," he said.