57. Let’s Buy Some Paint

Gap-fill exercise

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“Let’s go to Wal-Mart,” Elizabeth told Kenneth. She to buy some paint supplies. He suggested that go to Home Depot instead because employees there tell them exactly what to buy. After arriving , Elizabeth found a friendly looking worker who was free.

“Excuse me,” she said. “Could you help ?” She explained that she wanted to paint her . “Neither me nor my husband knows how to it, so please tell us the basics,” she . He smiled and told her that it was . All they needed were two gallons of white paint, a roller, a tray and an insert pour the paint in, and an extension-handle to the high parts of each wall.

“Don’t we primer?” Kenneth asked.

“Oh, yes, of course. I getting to that. If you don’t put primer first, the paint won’t stick to the walls. are two gallons of good, but inexpensive, primer. a brush would be a good idea for in the corners and edges. And that should care of it. Just put the primer on . Let it dry for a couple of hours. put on one coat of paint. Let it . Then, if you want to, put on another , but it shouldn’t be necessary.”

As they were the items into the trunk, Kenneth told her should buy a ladder, too. “We’re going to to use the brush to paint up near ceiling. The roller won’t do in a corner,” said.

“We don’t need a stepladder. I can on your shoulders,” Elizabeth laughed. They went back and bought a stepladder.