62. The Wedding Gift (1)

Gap-fill exercise

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Ray’s wedding had gone off without a hitch. seemed to have had a good time. A people had too good of a time; they home with designated drivers. All evening, the gift remained unguarded. Who would steal anything, Ray thought. had never heard of such a thing happening a wedding. But his best friend Aaron said was a first time for everything. He strolled regularly from the inside festivities to check on gift table, making sure no one suspicious was around it.

Ray and Julia went on a -week honeymoon to Italy right after the wedding. When got back, they opened all the gifts and out thank you notes. But there was one . A married couple that used to be good had apparently given nothing. This surprised Julia, because and Mary said they were thrilled to be . And, they actually seemed to have had a time at the wedding. Frankly, Ray didn’t even if they hadn’t given a gift. He just to know whether to send a thank you . Ray called Aaron. Aaron said maybe Walt had an envelope on the gift table like Aaron . “Yes, but we got your envelope with the inside,” Ray said.

“Maybe my envelope looked too , and some thief thought Walt’s envelope looked nice fat.”