67. It’s the Thought that Counts

Gap-fill exercise

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Adam and Constance were very religious. Both had raised in Catholic families. Except for her uncle , who was agnostic, all their relatives were devout . Adam’s oldest brother was, in fact, a priest. , as a youth, had been an altar boy had prayed to God to become a priest. , God made him a fireman. Constance had seriously about becoming a nun, but that was before met Adam.

Her heart fluttered at her first of Adam. He was taking pictures with kids a charity event. What a big, strong man, thought. And so good-looking! Constance took her nephew to get his picture taken. She couldn’t believe when she saw that Adam was wearing a . Christopher medal around his neck. He’s Catholic, too! marveled. Not being a shy woman, Constance started a conversation with Adam.

One thing, as they , led to another. Both sets of parents were happy that their child had fallen in love a Catholic! There was a huge wedding at cathedral. Adam’s brother married the two lovebirds. Everyone it was the best wedding ever.

When Adam Constance got around to opening their gifts a days later, Constance opened an envelope from her Chandler. In it was $100 cash. But, the was inside a Jewish card for Happy Hanukkah! note in the card was, “I couldn’t find wedding card that I liked. I know this Jewish, but it really is a beautiful card, ’t you think? Love, and Best Wishes.” Constance did send her uncle a thank you note, nor she ever talk to him again. She was to think about her wedding again without thinking that card.