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4. Every summer, huge fires ___ throughout California's forests.
5. The number of miles a car can travel per gallon is the gas ___.
8. A homeowner will use a gas or electric ___ to keep the grass from growing too high.
10. Dogs like to roll around in the ___ and grass; so do little boys.
12. Police usually check the ___ of a suspect's pockets.
13. A ___ is the square or rectangle of streets that border homes or stores.
14. A tall, leafy ___ around his yard provides privacy and security for a homeowner.
15. A beautiful ___ requires a good sprinkler system and regular mowing.
16. A ___ helps you move loads of dirt from one place to another in your yard.


1. If you have a hedge in your yard, you should ___ it regularly so it will look nice.
2. ___ = gardener or landscaper.
3. Home Depot sells lawn tools and equipment at ___ prices.
6. Once a week, the garbage truck comes by to empty trash bins and ___s.
7. A ___ propels leaves from one side of the street to the other.
9. A hole in the ground is usually dug with a ___.
11. After you ___ autumn leaves into a big pile, gather them into a plastic bag.