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2. Levi Strauss invented blue ___s in 1873; many people have at least one pair.
5. The slightest ___ will carry the scent of home cooking to the neighbors.
6. Many action toys have small ___s that are powered by batteries.
9. "Let a smile be your ___ on a rainy, rainy day." (lyrics)
10. A quilt or ___ will help keep you warm in bed on a cold winter night.
11. "We will learn the results of today's election ___," said the TV reporter.
13. Many people ___ their cash in the freezer or under a mattress.
14. A cell phone is an example of ___less communication.
15. Use your legs, not your back, to ___ heavy objects.


1. Some people allow their dogs to poop on a public ___ and then leave it there!
3. You don't need a ___board to ___ the Internet.
4. A person who likes to drink and drive will ___ be in an accident.
7. Some people like to carve their initials on a tree ___.
8. Don't litter; put your ___ in a ___ can.
11. When dogs meet, they usually ___ each other's behind.
12. In the winter, many trees don't have even one ___ on their branches.