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1. Tomato ___, Chicken Noodle ___, and Bean with Bacon ___ are three of Campbell's best sellers.
4. Advertisers brag about how ___ the color is on their plasma TVs.
5. Humans are ___-based life forms. (Whatever that means.)
6. A ___ is one-tenth, or 10 percent, of a century. The first ___ of the 21st century has been very interesting. (To put it mildly.)
7. Urine is popularly known as #1, and ___ are known as #2. ("Mommy, I have to go #2.")
10. UPS promises to reimburse you if your ___ is lost or damaged.
14. The ___ Union includes 27 countries of Europe--and counting, as more countries want to join.
17. The accident in the final lap of the NASCAR race ___ed the leader's chance for victory.
19. In the 1850s, doctors didn't know that their instruments should be ___; they cleaned the instruments with water and rags.
20. Prices always seem to increase; they never seem to ___. (Well, except for computers.)
21. "There--that should do the ___," the plumber said as he tightened the nut.
22. Both trains came around the ___ at the same time from opposite directions and collided.


2. The central ___ in your computer is your computer's "engine."
3. ___ problems might cause you to burp frequently and have heartburn.
8. His fantastic success in business ___ed his wildest dreams.
9. Without the benefits of ___, people of most nations would be starving.
11. Wear a mask and gloves so that you don't ___ the samples.
12. People die every year from carbon ___ poisoning. (Open the windows!)
13. You can reduce ___ expenses by turning off the lights and taking quick showers.
15. The ___ was clogged; the water overflowed the rim. It took 15 minutes to mop up the bathroom floor. (Yuck!)
16. Fruits and vegetables will ___ if not eaten promptly. (Meat will rot.)
18. FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management ___, is famous for its failures in New Orleans.