Online Grammar Handbooks

  • Grammar Handbook. An excellent online grammar handbook which explains and illustrates the basic grammatical rules concerning parts of speech, phrases, clauses, and so on.
  • English Grammar Book. With high-quality English lessons and exercises to help English learners learn English grammar online.

Irregular Verbs

Irregular Plurals

Indefinite and Definite Articles

Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Pronunciation Rules

Infinitives & Gerunds

Grammar Notes

  • Sentences. Learn about simple sentences, compound sentences, and complex sentences.
  • A free site that offers free video lessons with good illustrations of grammar rules.
  • Articles on Grammar. More than 70 articles about English language learning, teaching, and usage, giving descriptions and explanations for some common problem areas.
  • Grammar Notes. Important grammar points including verb tenses, parts of speech, phrasal verbs, and mathematical operations.
  • Grammarist. A free English language resource that covers a broad spectrum of grammar topics.

  • Using English. Free English grammar and vocabulary worksheets and printable handouts.
  • English Grammar FAQ. Some of the postings made to the newsgroup alt.usage.english by John Lawler, Professor of Linguistics.
  • Dr. Grammar. You can find answers to any of your grammar questions.

American vs. British English

SAT Resources

Other Sites

  • English Grammar. A fun site with word games, puzzles, quizzes, exercises, slang, proverbs and much more.
  • Grammar Bytes. The site includes interactive exercises, handouts, and more!
  • BBC Skillwise. Enables adults to improve reading, writing and number skills.