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English for New Immigrants in the USA

1. Renting: I Need a Place to Live
2. Resumes: A Good Resume for Finding a Good Job
3. References: How to Get Good References
4. Finding Jobs: Looking for a Job That You Like
5. Cover Letters: Why the Job Is Right for You
6. A Good Employee: A Valuable Addition to the Team
7. Bank Accounts: Open Checking and Savings Accounts
8. Budgeting: How to Manage Your Money
9. Credit Cards: Why I Need a Credit Card
10. Healthcare: Healthcare System in the United States
11. Emergency Room: When to Go to the Emergency Room
12. Urgent Care: What Is Urgent Care Center
13. Medical Forms: Medical Information Sharing
14. First Aid: How to Perform First Aid
15. Diet and Exercise: Lead a Healthy Life
16. Medication and Labels: Understand Your Medications
17. Cigarettes: Reasons not to Smoke
18. Vaccinations and Check-ups: Take Control of your Health
19. Buying a Car: It's Time to Buy Your First Car
20. Driving: Drive on the Right Side of the Street
21. Obeying Traffic Laws: Pulled Over by a Policeman
22. Child Seats: Child Seats Can Save Your Baby's Life
23. Drunk Driving: Driving Under the Influence Is a Crime
24. Calling 911: When You Should Call 911
25. Moving: It's Time to Find a New Home


ESL: English as a Second Language

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