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English for New Immigrants in the USA

26. I May Need to Hire a Lawyer
27. It's Time to Buy a Home
28. Paying Federal and State Taxes
29. How Employers Keep Track of your Time
30. How to Drive Without Getting a Ticket
31. Someone Stole My Identity!
32. How to Write and Cash Checks
33. How to Make Your Money Work for You
34. Why My Credit Rating Is Important
35. Employee Benefits
36. Do Your Best at Work
37. Get Along with Your New Co-Workers
38. Getting Along with My New Neighbors
39. Buying Insurance for My Home
40. Is it a Good Idea to Join a Union?
41. Should I Rent or Lease?
42. How to Find a House
43. Practice Healthy Eating Habits
44. What to Do If Someone Is Choking
45. The Importance of Dental Care
46. A Simple Guide to Purchasing Auto Insurance
47. What Do I Do If I Am in an Auto Accident?
48. Ridesharing
49. How to Be a Good Parent
50. A Healthy Child Is a Good Child


ESL: English as a Second Language

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