Clothing and Closing

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Part 1: Recognition: Number 1 to 6. Ill say 3 words; which is different (1,2, or 3)?

Example: clothing closing clothing

1. breathed breathed breezed
2. teased teethed teethed
3. tithe ties tithe
4. lathe lays lays
5. bays bays bathe
6. Zen then Zen

Part 2: Recognition: Which do you hear? Ill say a word. Is it S or TH sound?

Example: clothing

1. rise
2. soothe
3. seize
4. close
5. teethed
6. thee
7. sheathe
8. breeze

Part 3: Which do you hear?

1. a. They were teething.
b. They were teasing.

2. a. We clothed it all.
b. We closed it all.

3. a. Listen to it breathing.
b. Listen to it breezing.

4. a. The kids were writhing in the car.
b. The kids were rising in the car.

5. a. They give tithe to that church.
b. They give ties to that church.

Part 4: Sentences

1. They like to breathe the fresh air at the beach.
2. He learned how to use a lathe when he was a boy.
3. Some siblings tease each other constantly.
4. She likes to wear pretty clothing when shes at home.
5. She loathes writing in English.

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