Pronunciation Exercises

                             Michael Climo
  Vowels Consonants



boat and bought

chin and shin


but and book

clam and clang


cook and coke

clothing and closing


dot and doubt

first and thirst


gut and goat

jeep and cheap


head and had

jelled and shelled


head had hut hot

jet and yet


long A sound

l r combos


long E sound

pan and ban


long and lung

pell and pearl


luck and look

per and pearl


os and us

racer and razor


pan and pen

shine and fine


pull and pool

suit and shoot


rob and robe

they and day


rock and rook

thick and tick


sleep and slip

thigh and shy


stress and vowels

think and sink


wait and wet

volt and bolt


wet and wit

wait and gate



win and wing

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