Head Had Hut Hot

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Part 1: Which one is different?

Example: Beg Beg Bag

1. Bug Bog Bug
2. Leg Lag Lag
3. Lug Lug Log
4. Puppy Puppy Poppy
5. Blunder Blonder Blonder
6. Lug Lag Lag

Part 2: Which sound do you hear? Write a, e, o or u.

Example: Knock

1. Sack
2. Hut
3. Net
4. Cod
5. Mat
6. Lock
7. Gut
8. Rot

Part 3: Which do you hear?

1. a. There was a long hug.
b. There was a long hog.

2. a. They bought a net at a fishing store.
b. They bought a gnat at a fishing store.

3. a. She needed to bag the money.
b. She needed to beg the money.

4. a. He needed the right cut.
b. He needed the right cot.

5. a. They like those puppies.
b. They like those poppies.

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