72. A Car Chase

Gap-fill exercise

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The police chased the car. The car didn’t . The driver drove faster and faster. The driver downtown. The driver drove on the sidewalks. The drove through parking lots. The driver drove through lights. The driver drove like a crazy man. “ driver drives like a crazy man,” said one . The police followed the driver. They drove on sidewalks. They drove through parking lots. They drove red lights. The driver crashed into a newsstand. car stopped. The newsstand owner looked at the . The driver got out. The newsstand owner yelled him. “You owe me money,” he yelled. “You me $10,000. You crashed into my newsstand. You my newsstand.” The driver said no problem. He the owner $10,000 cash. Of course, it wasn’t driver’s money. It was stolen money. It was stolen car. The police arrived.