119. Two Babies

Gap-fill exercise

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She wanted to have two babies—one boy and girl. She wanted to have the boy first the girl a year later. That way they grow up together. He said that was okay him. She said, “What do you mean, ‘okay’? shouldn’t be ‘okay’ with you. You should say you want two babies just as much as do. If you don’t want two babies as as I do, then forget it.” He asked, “ it? You mean that we won’t have two unless I really want to have two babies?” said, “Yes, that’s right. If you don’t really two babies, then we won’t have two babies.” “,” he said, “then let’s not have two babies.” “ you sure about that?” she asked. He nodded head, “Yes, I’m sure. We can’t afford even baby.” “Okay,” she said. “Goodbye.” “What do you , ‘goodbye’?” he asked. She told him she was to leave him. She was going to find man who wanted to have two babies with . He told her that he was just kidding—of he really wanted to have two babies with . “Too late,” she said. “You already told me you really feel.”