155. The Super Cheap Jacket (1)

Gap-fill exercise

He wondered if it was cold outside. He going to walk to Pier 88. He looked his window. Many people on the sidewalk below wearing short-sleeve shirts. But the radio said the was 67 degrees. That’s not exactly hot, he . It was only 10 a.m. It would warm by noon. He put on jeans and a -shirt. He walked outside. It was a little chilly. it will get warmer as I walk, he . But it didn’t. He went into Conway, a clothing store. Maybe I can find something warm cheap, he thought. He went upstairs to the ’s department. He found a long-sleeve shirt in the section. Then he saw a jacket in the section. It was much heavier than the shirt. the shirt nor the jacket had a price . He took them to the cashier.