174. BK Takes Your Picture

Gap-fill exercise

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Burger King in Brazil sells burgers. It also pictures. It takes pictures of customers. It puts pictures on the wrappers. It puts the wrappers the burgers. The customer gets a burger with picture on the wrapper. There’s no extra charge the picture. It’s free. “We do it to in more customers,” said a BK executive. He the pictures are attracting customers. He said people to see their picture. The picture adds a touch. “It’s like someone calling you by your ,” he said. Some customers have complained. They say thieves will use the pictures to commit fraud. “ will not allow identity theft,” said the BK . McDonald’s likes the idea. It plans to take of customers, too. But it will put the on wrappers, cups, napkins, and receipts. “BK doesn’t big enough,” said a McDonald’s executive.