175. McBurgers Recalls Glasses

Gap-fill exercise

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Twelve million glasses is a lot of glasses. is recalling 12 million glasses. The glasses promote new Shrek movie. The glasses have pictures of different Shrek characters. They are pretty pictures. But pictures contain a chemical. The chemical is dangerous. can make people sick. To make sure that gets all the glasses back, McBurgers is offering “Double Your Money Back” program. Every customer will twice the original price per glass. “That’s great,” Diane. She had bought five glasses. But she going to wait. Eventually there would be only few glasses unreturned. She would wait until the was almost over. Her glasses would be the five glasses that were unreturned. They would have value. She would demand 100 times the price had paid for them. “If McBurgers doesn't pay, ’ll call the TV news,” Diane said.